Case Study:

Apple-based warehouse automation solution reduces processing times by half

About ASBIS-Ukraine

ASBIS-Ukraine is a part of the international holding ASBIS Group, which has been in the distribution market for more than 30 years. The company has 2 large distribution centers and a wide base of products and partners. In the Ukrainian market, the key mission is to make new technologies available to every company.

The Business Challenge

The warehouse is a part of a huge system that must run like clockwork. There are many challenges the company is facing in warehouse such as management of acceptance and shipment of goods, verification of large amounts of information, processing speed, management of human resources, and others. Before the project, ASBIS warehouse employees kept records in a semi-automatic mode. Each operation involved two people. And sometimes due to the intensity and large volume of work, they could make mistakes which resulted in stress, double-check, and a loss of time.

The Solution

ASBIS-Ukraine made the right choice by implementing the Apple-based solution for warehouse automation. The integration was carried out by an Apple technical expert and took a short time. Apple-based solution for warehouse automation is a complete solution to fit its warehouse project requirements, consisting of:

  • Apple devices – iPhone/iPod touch.
  • Datecs Linea Pro case with barcode reader and anti-vandal protection.
  • Jamf Pro Management Server.
  • Management via Apple Business Manager.
  • Remote control, OS updates, security profiles - everything was taken into account.

Maximum solution functionality:

  • A specially developed software supports the target operation of the devices.
  • Automatic software updates in seconds at all warehouses and devices
  • Data security and reliability: remote data cleaning and lock if lost
  • Multilingual interface
  • High-strength vandal-proof case
  • Run-time support with chargers

The Results

  • The speed of all shipment processes has doubled.
  • One employee can control the whole process of accepting or transferring goods.
  • Errors associated with the human factor are gone.

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