Solution for selling digital advertising space at points of sale

A full solution for marketing communication

Prestigio Digital Signage Solution - more than just usual interactive display system

The solution based on the Interactive Digital Signage platform with Direct sales functions, Prestigio LCD panels and Video walls allows organizing a system of interaction between the Retail chain and the vendors represented in it. Let vendors use more marketing budgets in your retail chain!

Benefits for your business

Benefits for your business

Immersive picture quality for affordable price

Prestigio Solutions Wall Mounts 55 (PDSIK55WNN0L) and 43 (PDSIK43WNN0L) let you impress customers with sharp and clear image of UHD resolution. Wall Mounts 55 (PDSIK55WNN0U) and 43 (PDSIK43WNN0U) of a PRO series support uninterrupted work 24/7 and can be used in both landscape and portrait mode.

Bright and attractive Video Wall of any size

Prestigio Solutions Video Walls 55 (PDSIL55WNN0L, PDSIN55WNN0L, PDSIS55WNN0M) and 49 (PDSIN49WNN0L) helps to create advertising screen of any size depending on the clients' need. Use in portrait or landscape mode, 24/7.

Programmatic platform for your retail chain

Prestigio-Addreality software helps to provide our customers powerful, intuitive and easy-to-use digital advertising platform. The functionality of internal programmatic platform for your retail chain includes:

  • Interactive digital signage platform for content management
  • Direct sales module with easy accounts for your vendors.
  • Billing (accounting of the funds balance)

Find out how Prestigio LCD based solution with direct sales already helps businesses

Prestigio LCD based solution for a multinational retail corporation in Romania.

  • Project includes 131 x IDS LCD Wall Mounts 55 and 40 x IDS LCD Video Walls 55. As a result, there is a full interactive system of digital signage displays, which helps to navigate visitors and direct them to the needed locations, highlight advertisement & Promo both for the customer and for the presented brands.

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