Solution for interactive communication with customers

Collect target audience statistics and campaigns results!

Customer Engagement Platform for personalized video and audio communication in offline locations

The platform enables managing advertising displays, background music, interactive surfaces and video walls centrally and remotely. Prestigio Addreality collects the audience data and analyzes advertising effectiveness. The methods of building a Prestigio Digital Signage system in each specific case of a client may differ, but the general principles remain the same. In the most general case, the Digital Signage system consists of:

  • Managing Server Part/Cloud
  • Content-information.
  • Signaling system (Ethernet network)
  • Special Prestigio Addreality software installed on the server/cloud.
  • Devices of broadcasting Prestigio Digital Signage.

Prestigio Addreality Software consists of the main components:

Prestigio Addreality Manager.

  • Adding and removing advertising campaigns in Prestigio Addreality Manager (text, images, video, sound)
  • Planning and managing of advertising campaigns (setting up content templates, setting up the reproduction of the content of advertising campaigns, evaluating results, updating the content of advertising campaigns on live broadcast devices, without stopping their playback)
  • Managing of broadcasting devices (adding, deleting and grouping devices, setting the device's operating time by day of the week and time intervals, enabling /disabling sending of content playback statistics adjusting the volume of sound, turning the display on/off, rotating the camera of the broadcasting device to a specified angle, putting it into sleep mode, restarting the broadcasting device)
  • Reports on the effectiveness of advertising campaigns (history of each view by users, conversion of views to work with the project on the device, portrait of the audience - gender, age range, duration of interaction with broadcast devices)
  • Administration of the entire system (Adding, editing and deleting user accounts, platform roles, to protect against unauthorized access - setting the time interval after which the user automatically leaves the personal cabinet and Prestigio Addreality Designer

Prestigio Addreality Designer

Creation of templates of advertising campaigns and interactive projects, their transfer to Prestigio Addreality Manager and provides the following opportunities:

  • Placing static content in the template: text, image sound, animation, video.
  • Placement of dynamic content received from external sources in the template: RSS, XML, link to web resource or file storage, TV tuner, video camera, HTTP / UDP streaming, Prestigio Addreality Manager.
  • Import of files prepared in Adobe Photoshop, for the implementation of user interfaces.
  • Placement of triggers in the template - functional elements designed to adapt the playback of content in accordance with external events, for example, the arrival of a given date, the camera's detection of a human of a given sex and age range (analysis by sex and age), etc.
  • Download and preview templates
  • Management of broadcast devices

Prestigio Addreality Player

It is intended for reproduction of advertising campaigns on devices of broadcasting. The program ensures the following tasks:

  • Reproduction of advertising campaigns / interactive projects.
  • Storage of the contents of advertising campaigns / interactive projects, including temporary storage (catching) of dynamic content of campaigns, for its playback in the absence of communication with the Internet and personal cabinet.
  • Controlling the broadcast device from the personal cabinet.
  • Import of files prepared in Adobe Photoshop, for the implementation of user interfaces.
  • Kiosk mode - blocking unauthorized attempts to exit the program, system windows, menus and other elements of the operating systems of the broadcast device.
  • Sending statistics to the Prestigio Addreality Manager about the content playback and the cameras of the broadcast devices (photos, number of views)

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