Robotic promo solution for retail stores

Utilize autonomous delivery robots to reach consumers and promote store products. Give customer advertisements unique experience with a robotic solution.

Robotic promo solution for retail stores



Promotes store products in a friendly way with a charming robotic solution.

Customer interaction

With an AI camera for human detection, solution will proactively interact with people to attract more traffic to your store and goods.

Long up time

Lithium iron phosphate battery of 2000 cycles provides up to 14 hours running time from a single charge.

Multi-robot Collaboration

There is intercommunication between robots to work collaboratively in large areas.

Solution Composition

  • TOF Camera. Accurate 3D sensibility and excellent algorithm to ensure sticker-free navigation
  • Adjustable Tray. Large tray, 10KG payload for each tray, 8-level adjustable
  • Lidar. Built with a customized DTOF lidar, first-class filter technology, excellent sensibility.
  • Sensors. 2 sets structured-light 3D camera, able to navigate space and avoid obstacles intelligently and safely


  • Solution cost $11299
  • Annual solution maintenance $300
  • Number of solutions 2
  • One operator salary $1300
  • Number operators


Marker-less operation

Code free deployment doesn’t require location markers on the walls.

Smart obstacle avoidance

LiDAR and 3D depth cameras navigation algorithms provide high-level environmental perception and smart obstacle avoidance.

Independent Suspension Chassis

Solution can work with fragile and choppy goods. 6-wheel independent suspension ensures more stable delivery.

Remote-control mobile app

Solution supports 3/4G Network and Wi-Fi for multi-robot communication and connection to mobile application.

Route and waiting setup

Configure each promo position and advertising timing during a route

High payload capacity

Multiple serving trays can handle up to 30 kg

Facilities to benefit from promotion

Shopping mall


Toys store

Consumer electronics

Candy shop

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