Wewnętrzne rozwiązania do wyświetlania treści

Rozwiązania Digital Signage posiadają szerokie zastosowanie w przekazywaniu rozmaitych treści oraz wiadomości - zarówno reklamowych, jak i informacyhnych. 

Rozwiązania te są popularne w handlu detalicznych, reklamie, transporcie czy słuzbie zdrowia

  1. odpowiedni ekran do wyświetlania wiadomości,
  2. odtwarzacz który zarządza daną treścią na ekranie,
  3. and the message itself as an image or video.

Prestigio offers a simple and up-to-date solution for the first two components. Buying from us, you save time for developing creative and attractive content.

Screen and PC: all-in-one

Prestigio hardware solution for digital signage implies an all-in-one concept. You buy one device, turn it on, and connect to the internet – device is ready to show information. Our FHD screens in 40-55-inch size combine PC, operating system, WiFi and Ethernet connection and audio speakers. You choose the screen with or without infrared touch. Usually models include a protective casing, applicable in public indoor spaces. The most widespread devices are wall mount monitors and portrait kiosks. It is up to you! See the most recent examples via the link.

Manage content from a cloud

WiFi has recently became a synonym for internet. This wireless technology brings affordable and stable connectivity both for private and corporate sectors. With proliferation of connected devices, we get the skyrocketing market of SaaS or cloud services.

Digital signage cloud software principles are simple (see the scheme below). On a service web site (the Cloud) you create an account, add content and create advertising or information campaigns. Usually marketing professionals or entrepreneurs grasp what to do fast. You connect your device to content and your cloud account by installing and authorizing a light application, called player. With the help of the app, devices download necessary content from the cloud and plays it according to your settings.

One of the most obvious advantages of cloud services is that they are subscription based. You pay a small sum of money for one month or a year. If you like it, you carry on with the service and choose a different model of payment, but if you do not, you stop and go for another solution. Minimal risk with a small investment.

Solution advantages

  • All-in-one solution: screen, PC, protective casing and software
  • Software offered subscription based: pay as you use, not for license
  • Remote control over system: use account and internet to manage your network from anywhere
  • Scalable system: start with testing of 1-2 screens and develop into professional network of 50-100 or more screens with the same solution

Solution components

  • One or several Prestigio digital signage devices
  • Cloud service key
  • WiFi-router

Digital Signage 55”
Portrait Kiosk

Digital Signage 42”

Digital Signage 42”
Portrait Kiosk




  • 55” 1080x1920 (9:16)
  • Intel® Core™ iX
  • 500 GB HDD
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Non-touch
  • 42” 1080x1920 (9:16)
  • ARM Cortex-A9
  • 512MB DDR3 SDRAM
  • 4 GB Flash 
  • Android 4.X.X OS
  • Non-touch
  • 42” 1080x1920 (9:16)
  • Intel® Core™ iX
  • 1.5 GB DDR3 SDRAM
  • 8GB SSD
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Multi-touch

Digital signage solutions from Prestigio open a huge market for small and medium enterprises, which can set up and integrate such networks.

Request a calculation for your project with Prestigio Digital Signage or contact our representative:

Vadim Vasilevich, PLSM Solutions ASBIS BY&CA 
E-mail: v.vasilevich@asbis.by
Phone: +375 17 279 36 65